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About Us

Our Vision

We envision a world where climate and sustainability issues are put at the heart of development, through education, skills development and robust empirical data analysis.


Our primary goal is to facilitate the acceleration and dissemination of research into climate and sustainable finance flows to help accelerate global progress towards climate change mitigation, adaptation and sustainable development. To do so, we are working to achieve four interconnected objectives.

  1. Develop a network owned by partners across developing and transition economies, to facilitate learning, policy transfer and entrepreneurship.

  2. Build capacity by training local partners in data collection and entry, quality control, business model development and financial analysis, using an established online and face-to-face pedagogy.

  3. Use the database, providing accessible, standardised and comparable datasets agreed by a global network of experts and sourced by domestic researchers, to visualise and assess progress towards achievement of the climate change goals of the Paris Agreement, and the UN SDGs.

  4. Provide investors with the information they need to make funding decisions and grow global climate and sustainable finance.


  • Gather robust, reliable and comparable data in developing and transition economies, enabling management of risk perception and a better understanding of the effectiveness of risk mitigation tools;

  • Advance market readiness through education across finance, business, climate and sustainable economic approaches in lower and middle income countries;

  • Develop climate and sustainable finance, businesses, processes and policies through the establishment of local hubs;

  • Link local, national and international actors in the climate and sustainable finance space;

  • Create a shared global taxonomy of climate and sustainable technologies, activities, projects and programmes;

  • Enable businesses and entrepreneurs to design, build and grow their businesses;

  • Support the scaling up of commitments to climate and sustainable finance.