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As friends and colleagues of many years, we are united in our ambition to help build a more sustainable, equitable future and solve the climate crisis. In early 2018, we began a conversation on how best to utilise our 35 years of combined experience in the sector. Just over two years after the adoption of the Paris Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we saw climate and sustainable finance as having reached an inflection point: investment by the world’s largest multilateral development banks (MDBs) had risen to record levels, the EU Commission had put in place a sustainable finance action plan, and private investment saw renewable energy capacity continue to grow at a record pace.

However, these efforts were really only scratching the surface. To unlock the trillions of $ of necessary financial flows, more information about conditions on the ground and the effectiveness of investments aligned with climate action and sustainable development was and is needed. Yet little centralised, standardised and reliable data for developing and transition economies currently exists and what does exist is often difficult to access. We decided to set out and fill this gap by building an innovative database that tracks investments and their impact, maps challenges to climate and sustainable finance, and aligns them with solutions.

SUFINDA was incorporated in London in December 2018 as a community interest company (C.I.C.), a UK corporate structure which operates for the benefit of its membership and/or audience. In our case this means the global community of climate and sustainable finance researchers, decision makers and investors. In early 2019, SOAS University of London created the Centre for Sustainable Finance which acts as academic host for SUFINDA’s Climate and Sustainable Finance Data Initiative.

- Felicia and Harald


CEO & co-Founder

Felicia Jackson

Felicia is an experienced entrepreneur who has successfully fund-raised, founded and built businesses in the data and information sector. She was a co-founder of New Energy Finance (now owned by Bloomberg as Bloomberg NEF), works as a board advisor to a number of companies, and provides consultancy services to SMEs and multinationals. She is currently a member of a UNEP technical expert group developing a methodology for targets and indicators for SDG 17.7.1. A European contributor to, she is the author of Conquering Carbon: Carbon Emissions, Carbon Markets and the Consumer (New Holland Publishers, 2009) and her work has appeared in numerous specialist titles in the renewable energy and cleantech space as well as The Times, The Guardian, The Independent and the Huffington Post.


director & co-founder

Harald Heubaum

Harald is an experienced academic and consultant working at the intersection of policymaking, governance and markets in the climate and energy space. He is the founder and convenor of the MSc Global Energy & Climate Policy at SOAS University of London, where he also serves as Deputy Director of the Centre for Sustainable Finance. He has consulted for a range of international clients, including the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) and the World Bank. His commentary has appeared in a number of news outlets, including The Times, CNN, NBC, The South China Morning Post and Climate Home. He holds a PhD in Political Science - analysing the framing of climate and energy policies - from University College London.


development & Stakeholder Engagement

Louisa Harris

Louisa is a connector, systems thinker and change agent. She has over 8 years’ experience working in UK advisory firms driving business as a force for good and unlocking the potential of individuals and collectives to create positive impact. Her experience includes strategy design and implementation, reporting, ESG assurance, culture change, co-creation and leadership. Louisa is Head at 6heads, a sustainability and innovation community which serves as a platform for professionals to lead, develop, learn and co-create. She has worked with HM Government’s Inclusive Economy Partnership, the UK National Advisory Board for Impact Investing, the World Benchmarking Alliance, Future-Fit Business Benchmark’s Development Council and the Marine Foundation’s creative team.



Jonas Nesbo

Jonas is a research intern at Sufinda, where he is assessing the EU Sustainable Taxonomy with the aim of integrating it into a wider global framework for climate and sustainable technologies, activities, projects and programmes in emerging markets. He is a masters student currently completing a Msc in Global Corporations and Policy at SOAS University of London, where he is writing his dissertation on the political risks associated with the carbon bubble. He holds a MA in Economics and International Relations from the University of St Andrews where his research focus was on the international political economy of the energy sector.